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Everything you think that you recognize approximately Nikola Tesla is wrong.

Nikola Tesla used to be one of many maximum electric inventors who ever lived. For years, the engineering genius was once relegated to relative obscurity, his contributions to humanity (we are instructed) obscured by means of a couple of nineteenth-century inventors and industrialists who took credits for his paintings or stole his patents outright. lately, the ancient checklist has been "corrected" and Tesla has been restored to his rightful position between old luminaries like Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, and Gugliemo Marconi.

Most biographies repeat the commonplace account of Tesla's existence, together with his invention of alternating present, his falling out with Edison, how he misplaced billions in patent royalties to Westinghouse, and his struggle to end up that Marconi stole thirteen of his patents to "invent" radio. yet, what quite happened?

Consider this: every thing you're thinking that you recognize approximately Nikola Tesla is incorrect. Newly exposed info proves that the preferred account of Tesla's lifestyles is itself very improper. In the reality approximately Tesla, Christopher Cooper units out to turn out that the normal tale not just oversimplifies background, it denies credits to a couple of the real inventors in the back of a number of the groundbreaking applied sciences now attributed to Tesla and perpetuates a false impression concerning the means of innovation itself.

Are you optimistic that Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone? Are you yes the Wright Brothers have been the 1st in flight? re-evaluate! With a provocative foreward via Tesla biographer Marc. J. Seifer, The fact approximately Tesla is without doubt one of the first books to set the list directly, tracing the starting place of a few of the best electric innovations to a coterie of colourful characters that traditional historical past has all yet forgotten.

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